Hotel NI-MO Looks Forward to Meeting You


Eva Stiefel: Owner, Manager, Reception desk and Back office

Christina Hwang: Reception desk and Back office

Vanessa Leu: Reception desk and Back office

Vanja Vurusic: Breakfast and Housekeeping

Lea Bischof: Breakfast

Lia Leutenegger: Breakfast

Noy Thomann: Housekeeping

Iwona Kwilarz: Housekeeping

Kop Dreyer: Housekeeping

Angelika Czepiel: Housekeeping

Evelyn Löhr: Marketing

Patrick Bachmann: Facility Manager and Cabinetmaker

Aischa Stoyke: Accounting and Events


Our friendly and professional staff are ready to provide personalized service for all your traveling needs. We speak German, English and French, as well as the international language of hospitality.