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It is important to us that our guests experience the pleasant feeling of being welcome again and again. Whether you are a holiday guest exploring the city or a business traveller coming to Zurich for a meeting - you should feel at home with us. You should be able to rely on us. And that with every stay.

And it is precisely this feeling and passion for what we do every day that should turn NI-MO guests into "NI-MO repeat offenders" over time. That is our goal and it always puts a smile on our faces.


Hotelier & Owner

Six years ago with an open and curious attitude and “Ready for a change", I had the unique opportunity to acquire the Bed & Breakfast NI-MO in Downtown Zurich.

My entrepreneurial spirit awakened and I decided to expand the fine but still small house in the heart of Zurich. For that I had to shift up a few gears and accomplish more than I thought was possible. The organization and responsibility continued to grow, yet the joy of success and the fulfillment of my life's dream made it all worthwhile.
Today, the NI-MO enjoys great popularity with our guests from all over the world, with its 15 stylish guest rooms, modern and full of charm at the best address in Zurich Seefeld.

I am grateful and proud of our multi-discipling team, all of which are highly motivated and dedicated to conveying each day the personal touch and family feeling that our hotel guests value so much.


Reception & Backoffice

I am Karin Künzli and I am responsible for the smooth running of the front and back office at NI-MO. I love the variety and diversity of my work and particularly appreciate the contact with our guests from all over the world. The cooperation in our small family team is super cordial, benevolent and a valuable enrichment.


Reception & Backoffice

Style and quality of life: At the Hotel NI-MO I combine my two professional priorities with my passion for traveling. As a social worker, I promoted the creative development of people with special needs and advocated for unforgettable holiday experiences. As part of the NI-MO team, I can now represent our charismatic house, the city of Zurich and, last but not least, our country with warm encounters and enjoyable moments. I appreciate the diversity of international hotel operations and I am happy to give our guests a smile every day.


Reception & Backoffice

In an ocean of large corporations that threaten to swallow up individual characteristics, it is a pleasure for me to set a counterpoint with our small boutique hotel and convey a feeling of familiarity and a personal touch.


Backoffice & Accounting

I have been lucky enough to be part of the NI-MO team for many years. For family reasons, it is unfortunately no longer possible for me to work in the front office, but it was a great wish of mine to continue to be part of the NI-MO team. That's why I was offered the opportunity to take on bookkeeping, which I really enjoy doing alongside my main job as a teacher and my everyday family life. However, my goal is to return to the front office of Hotel NI-MO at some point.


Breakfast Service & Reception

I have been working at NI-MO for over 7 years and have worked in breakfast service, reception and general guest care. During this time, I have gained a lot of experience in dealing with international customers. As the hotel also accommodates regular guests, I have been able to establish interesting and valuable relationships. This is very enriching for me. I also appreciate the positive working atmosphere and the friendly colleagues. 🩷


Breakfast Service & Küche

I like the warm working atmosphere in the team! I also enjoy the international flair of the hotel. I can get to know cultural eating habits and offer our guests Swiss breakfast specialties with quality!!!


Breakfast Service, Reception & Backoffice

As a breakfast staff member, receptionist, and back office worker, I appreciate the variety of tasks. I enjoy interacting with guests from all over the world, making sure they have a good start to their day, giving them a warm welcome and making sure they feel comfortable. Additionally, I find the balance between guest interaction and organizational tasks to be both exciting and challenging.


Breakfast Service & Reception

Breakfast is a reminder that every day is a fresh start, full of possibilities 🌞 I’m happy to be part of the NI-MO family. The team is incredibly warm and welcoming, and our clients are genuinely appreciative of the service we provide. I have gained knowledge about healthy breakfast meals, and my favorite part is preparing the delicious homemade yogurt for the next day. You have to try it during your next stay!


Breakfast Service & Kitchen

I only joined the NI-MO team a few months ago, thanks to the Internet. From the very first direct contact, I was convinced that I was in the right place. The company is run in a family style. Customer orientation is at the forefront of all activities. You can also sense the constant willingness to adapt to changes and thus improve the range of services on offer. A boutique hotel in the truest sense of the word.


Breakfast Service & Reception

I really enjoy working at the Hotel NI-MO. Especially the interaction with regular customers and international guests. The rich and special breakfast buffet delights the guests. There is a personal and individual exchange and service. The rooms are very lovingly furnished and contribute to a cozy atmosphere. A really cool and unique hotel concept!


Housekeeping - Team lead

I am Iwona and have been working at NI-MO since 2014. The pleasant atmosphere in the hotel and the well being of our guests makes me happy and motivates me to put my heart into overcoming challenges.



I like to work at NI-MO because we are a like-minded team and all with positive attitudes. This small boutique hotel makes it manageable to host guests from all over the world. Here my work is very much appreciated, and as a Thai woman, I am grateful to have a job in the Limmat city of Zurich.



At NI-MO, I have the opportunity to meet and help people from all over the world, which can be very inspiring. Working at the hotel also helps me to develop my interpersonal, organizational and communication skills. In addition, my job gives me the opportunity to get to know new cultures and experience diversity.



I am very happy that I was able to join such a great team of people to work with many years ago. This job gives me the opportunity to meet people from all over the world and I am very happy with that. The atmosphere in the hotel is very nice and informal.



I have been working at the NI-MO Hotel for several years because I feel stability here, I trust my manager. The people who work here are my friends. We have a really good team of employees and we can always rely on each other. Thank you for this opportunity to work in such a good team.


Housekeeping & Kitchen

As a student, the family and human atmosphere at Hotel NI-MO gives me a great opportunity to work flexibly on the side. My assignments offer me exciting insights into the world of work and are a welcome change from the academic and top-heavy world of university. A big colorful family through and through, which, together with the guests from all over the world, makes the Hotel NI-MO a lively place.


Accounting, Wages & Fiduciary

I have been with the hotel NI-MO and its team since 2021, providing advice and support. As a fiduciary, I primarily take care of the bookkeeping and payroll accounting. I also provide support in contact with the authorities and insurance companies. I particularly like the loving, familiar and warm-hearted atmosphere, which enchants the whole hotel, myself and of course the guests again and again with its distinctive hospitality.